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MARINE CHEMICAL Supplier in INDIA UAE OMAN... Some of our valuable SHIP HOLD  / SHIP TANK CLEANING chemicals ...

Caustic Soda 24%, 48% (200 Ltr in Drum)

Hydrochloric Acid 35% (200 Ltr in Drum)

Phosphoric Acid 30% (200 Ltr in Drum)

Sodium Bisulfite solution 35% (Cas: 7631-90-5, 25 Kg in Can or Tank lorry)

Sodium Hypochlorite 12% (200 Ltr in Drum)

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (Cas: 7681-57-4, 25 Kg in Bag)

Sodium Sulfite 95%, 97% (Cas: 7757-83-7, 25 Kg in Bag)

Sodium Sulfite solution 20% (Cas: 7757-83-7, Tank lorry)

Biocide bacteria remover manufacturer in India

Biocide bacteria remover manufacturer in India

How can corrosion be prevented using inhibitors?

Corrosion inhibitors are commonly applied via a process known as passivation. In passivation, a light coat of protective material, such as metal oxide, creates a protective layer over the metal which acts as a barrier against corrosion. It becomes very easy to prevent corrosion of metal or alloys. Corrosion can be prevented easily by applying RXSOL Corrosion Inhibitor 2000, a product that prevents the corrosive action of gases and liquids easily. Corrosion can occur on metals, alloys, water treatment plants, and oil and gas field industrial units.

Corrosion Inhibitor - Anti corrosion chemical

Corrosion Inhibitor - Anti-corrosion chemical

Which is the best Corrosion Inhibitor?

Which is the best Corrosion Inhibitor?

Phosphoric Acid supplier in Lithuania Europe

Phosphoric Acid supplier in Lithuania

Phosphoric Acid supplier in Lithuania, Europe. Ready stock of Phosphoric Acid 85%, Phosphoric Acid 75%. Best price of Phosphoric Acid available in Mumbai. RX Group of Industries has supplied and exported Phosphoric Acid numerous times to countries in Europe namely: Lithuania, Poland, Spain, and Belgium. Great quality Phosphoric Acid is available in ready stock and can be booked by mailing your requirement at

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Applications of Vinegar

RX Marine International makes various grades of Acetic Acid as it is one of the most versatile chemicals with uses varying from making resins and pickles to paints and lacquers. The household grade of Acetic Acid is commonly called Vinegar.

Uses of Vinegar

Sodium Thiosulfate manufacturer and supplier

Sodium Thiosulfate manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the finest quality Sodium Thiosulfate. This chemical compound is processed using the best available chemical compounds as per the defined chemical industry standards. It is widely used in different laboratories and chemical industry for performing various chemical reactions. We offer this chemical compound in moisture proof packaging options for our valuable clients. Further, clients can avail this Sodium Thiosulfate from us at reasonable rates.