RX CHEMICAL is pioneer in watertreatment chemicals. Its manufacturing plant is in Turbha, MIDC - Navi Mumbai and RXSOL brand water tretament chemicals are popular in Aurangabad as Concnetrated Water treatment chemicals supplier. We have more then 100 range of water treatment chemicals, you may refer LINK to get direct access of  water treatment chemicals. 
RXSOL product is one of popular brand as a manufacturer and supplier of maintenance chemicals. Our some of valuable products are as follows :
F.O.T. Dual Propose for Fuel Oil treatment.
Soot Remover Powder  to control Soot in boiler system
Turbo blaster and cleaner (dry walnut shells grain 1,3-1,7mm) to clean TURBO SYSTEM
Cold Wash for degreasing purpose
Seacleaner T. use as degreaser and tank cleaner
OSD for dispersant of oil to make water soluble.
Clean Break  degrease heavy oil and also separate oil and water in 2 phase.
Ecoclean is environmentaly safe cleaner
HCF (hydrocarbon free tank cleaner) 
Alkaclean S (sodium hydrox. Based) 
Alkaclean P (potassium hydrox. Based)
Ultrasonic Multicleaner 
Genepol - Teepo for multipurpose cleaning
Acquaclean MPA (non caustic alkaline cleaner)
Carbon Solvent easily and effectlvely breakes carbon particle from metal surface.
ACC Air Coler Cleaner 
Filterclean useful for Engine maintenance sector to clean filter.
Electroclean is for electrical board and parts cleaning.
Descaling Liquid is polymer based scale removing chemicals.
Rust Remover is very effective products to dissolve RUST from metal surface.
Rust Converter useful products before painting this product chemically react with rust and stop further rusting.
Disc Separator Cleaner for ENDINE disc cleaning.
BWT One Shot for Boiler water treatment.
Alkalinity Control to control pH value of Boiler.
Condensate Control is  helpful product to keep boiler rust and scale free.
Hardness Control helps to control scale formation.
Oxygen Control (sulphite) is to control RUST in side the boiler.
DWT 444 
Ecosperse (seawater antifouling treatment)
sodium hypochlorite sol. 12% is manufactured by electrolysis process.
Potable Water Stabilizer
Waterles hand cleaner is very effective product for Industrials hand cleaning to remove oil grease, ink etc
Demi water for w.w.t.k
Methanol for w.w.t.k.
Potassium Permanganate for w.w.t.k.
Silver Nitrate for w.w.t.k.

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