Caustic Soda Supplier in Pune, Raigad, Rabale MIDC.

Caustic Soda also known as Sodium hydroxide is a white, deliquescent solid. It is highly hygroscopic and absorbs the moisture, carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide in the air. Sodium hydroxide is used as an industrial cleaning agent and can dissolve grease, oils, fats and protein-based deposits. Its solution in water used to clean process equipment, storage tanks, waste discharge pipes under sinks and drains in domestic properties. Surfactants can be added to the sodium hydroxide solution in to stabilize dissolved substances and thus prevent redeposition.

Liquid EWT supplier in Aurangabad, Pawane MIDC, Pune, Raigad.

Liquid Engine Water Treatment is a balanced mixture of corrosion inhibitors, formulated to give a high nitrite furnish which is becoming a more frequent requirement for the new generation of high efficiency diesel engines. Liquid engine water treatment is used for protecting cooling and heating water systems, also for diesel engine primary and secondary cooling water. It is ideally use in chilled water systems because it forms a clear, non-staining solution, which protects the system from corrosion and hard water scale.

Cold Washer supplier in Badlapur, Rabale MIDC, Turbha MIDC.

Cold Washer is a heavy duty highly concentrated solvent based clear amber liquid formulated as oil grease emulsifying agent which is safe to be use on most metal surfaces, painted and coated surfaces. Cold Washer is a specialized degreaser and tank cleaner safe for metal, epoxy and zinc silicate coated tank. It can be used as a stripper for all types of waxes and as degreaser where regular cleaners will not perform. Cold Washer is excellent in washing fuel tankers and heavy mineral oils and fats, petroleum products in cargo or storage tank.


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