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Cobalt Sulphate

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Cobalt Sulphate

Product Description: 

Cobalt sulphate manufacturer, supplier and exporter. 

Product Application: 

Cobalt sulfate is widely used in electroplating industry and it is also used in the production of ceramic pigments.

Cobalt sulfate is mainly used to manufacture other cobalt salts, also used as the drying agent for painting, cobalt pigment, additive of alkaline or lithium batteries and electroplating.
Cobalt(II) sulfate is used in storage batteries and electroplating baths, sympathetic inks, and as an additive to soils and animal feeds. For these purposes, the cobalt sulfate is produced by treating cobalt oxide with sulfuric acid.
Product Procedure: 

As a Fertiliser initial dose 375g/ha applied in the late spring. 
Foliar Application
Application of Cobalt Sulphate as a foliar spray at 120-240 g/ha can be more effective than cobalt applied in fertiliser on soils with higher manganese levels. Foliar application should be done in the spring or early summer, as these are the periods of peak requirement by the animals.
Animal Health
Cobalt Sulphate can be administered as an oral drench, through the drinking water  or added to supplementary feed. For dose rates please consult your animal health adviser.

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Product Technical Specification: 

Cobalt Metal melts at 1493 degrees centigrade and boiling point 3100 degrees centigrade. 

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Cobalt Metal used as :
For Chemical Products

Petro Refining, Petrochemical Catalysts.
In paints as a paint dryer and various dyes
Cutting tools and diamond cutting
Hybrid car and telephone batteries
Super alloys
Aerospace Industries
High speed Alloys
Glass and Ceramics
Animal feed industry
Main constituent of high temperature and high 
performance alloys
Improves strength property and increases melting point
Permanent Magnet