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ACC9 Air Cooler Chemical

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Cleaner for Air cooler to clean oil and greasy soiled deposits
Penetrates and dissolves accumulated deposits oil and greasy soiled parts of an air cooler, ACC-9 classified one of best cleaner to protect SOFT METAL
Product Description: 

ACC9 Air Cooler Chemical is a powerful emulsify cleaning solvent emulsion cleaner for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, Oily contaminated parts scavenging air systems and compressor. Air Cooler Chemicals ACC-009 is a liquid compound consisting of specific corrosion inhibitors , to protect SOFT METAL
Air Cooler ACC9 Chemicals is concentrate solvent based water soluble emulsion cleaner for cleaning of Air coolers, Scavenging air systems and turbochargers of diesel engine.

Product Application: 

During the operation, the fins & tubes of the main engine air cooler which become fouled with oil, grease, dust and carbonaceous deposit , which will affect cooler efficiency and damage the system. AIR COOLER chemical CLEANER ACC 9 is specialized and concentrated product which is effectively cleans diesele engine change air cooler whether it is " MANUAL or IN SERVICE.

Product Procedure: 

For effective cleaning of air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbo chargers of diesel engines.
3 to 5 litres of cleaning solution per square meter or as table below:
      Engine HP.                Solution of RXSOL 009
6,000 to 12,000                   2 to 3 litre
      12,000 to 24,000                 4 to 5 litre
      24,000 or  more                   5 to 6 litre

In General : Depending upon contamination 10-25% with fresh water.

OPTIONAL : Dependant on design, the cooler is flooded with AIR COOLER CHEMICAL CLEANER immersed in a tank full of product.


Product Note: 

Field :: - AHU, FCU, Air Conditioners, Car Condenser and Radiator, Air Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Condensers, Air Cooler Tube Bundle etc.

Air Cooler Chemical enabling excellent penetration of the product into the coils for complete cleaning that instantly shows multiple increase of CFM/Air Velocity.

Product Technical Specification: 

ACC9 AIR COOLER CHEMICAL Cleaner is watersoluble product and classified as best AIR Cooler Cleaning Chemical for shipping and marine industries. We are working with this product since 1995 and on our daily routine cleaning operation given us opprtunity to select non corrosive solvent to formulate ACC9 along with powerful new genration emulsifier, detergent and inhibitors. When ACC9 Air Cooler Chemicals Cleaner is spread on greasy soiled parts, Air Cooler Chemical ACC9 chemically penetrate inside the soiled area and finally resulting with emulsifying action with water. This cleaning concept help to removes all soiled greasy part without mechanical rubbing and friction action. As manual scrapping and rubbing cleaning action directly damaging the surface area of metal parts. This is the reason why engineer always have suggestion to avoid mechanical rubbing cleaning procedure. 

Product pack size: 
1, 5, 25, 35, 50, 210 Ltr. Penetrates and dissolves accumulated deposits of oil and greasy soiled parts of an air cooler, Air Cooler Chemicals ACC-9 is classified as one of the best cleaners. Mail us for the factory sale discounted price. This product effectively dissolves and cleans the heavily deposited contaminant of the diesel engine charade air cooler.
Product alias: 
<p> Mite ACC ,RXSOL 79101 ACC , Care Clean ACC , Air Cooler and Air Conditioner Cleaner Merichem, Air Intercooler Cleaner 20 Ltr PACK, DREW ACC-9</p>

ACC9 is industrial equipment maintenance air cooler chemical cleaner for cleaning of the diesel engine charge Air cooler. ACC9 is Light yellow to brown colored water-soluble solvent, which emulsifies with water. ACC9 is blend of the selected specified solvent mixture which is safe in contact with all metals.

ACC-9 Air Cooler Chmeical Cleaner Principally works as follows :
Non Corrosive Solvent present in ACC9 helps to dissolve all deposits, oil, greasy materials. While emulsifier increases Detergency property to enhance cleaning action of ACC-9. And the presence of inhibitors in ACC9 Air Cooler Cleaning Chemical protect soft metal, we can say INHIBITOR makes solution safe to contact with all metals.

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Immersion bath
Atleast for 2 Hrs deep COOLER PARTS in to  AIR COOLER CHEMICAL CLEANER emulsion tank. The product should be heated to approx. 50°C and agitation provided with an air line. Then drain off and flush well with water, followed by drying with an air line.

Soak method: Machine parts with stubborn carbon deposits to be cleaned is dipped into conc.Soln.of ACC then allow deposits to. Be broken down and loosened before removal, then rinse .

Circulation method
Some designs of cooler can be circulated "in situ". In this case a pump tank and pipe system is fitted permanently or connections are provided for connecting a temporary circuit. The system should be filled with AIR COOLER CHEMICAL CLEANER circulation carried out for 2 - 4 hours at a temperature of upto 50°C. After cleaning the cooler should be thoroughly flushed with fresh water and dried with an air line.

Note: Both cleaning methods benefit from heat of up to 50°C and cleaning times can be reduced or extended dependant on temperature and degree of fouling.

Hand spray Cleaning: By Hand spray,apply concentrate RXSOL-16-0009-210 all over the cooler coils. for good emulsification & penetration. Allow the RXSOL-16-0009-210 for a minimum of 1 hour,then use a high pressuure  water to  wash  off  the  loosened deposits. During process  always  keep drain valve  open. After satisfactory cleaning, and flushing through with fresh water, close air cooler drains.Note that during this process the engine must be  stopped.

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