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AIR COOLER CLEANER is a concentrated fluid so-lution of fragrant hydrocarbons, incredible surfac-tants, consumption inhibitors and solid emulsifying specialists intended to assault, infiltrate and com-pletely expel mineral oils, oil, ash and different carbonaceous stores from air coolers and tur-bochargers in two and four stroke marine diesel motors. Fouling of air coolers is decreased therefore warm exchange and motor effectiveness is enhanced Fire dangers from the development of oil and buildups are limited Down time and cost of occasional disassembling of the air dealing with framework for cleaning is wiped out Searching effectiveness is enhanced by the decrease of store develop around rummaging ports

Water dislodging surfactants fused in the synthetic frame a mono atomic film all through the air taking care of framework, which secures the metals and diminishes the adherence of airborne contaminants. AIR COOLER CLEANER is a fluid mix of very dynamic cleaning mixes. It has been created for sheltered, quick and temperate in-benefit cleaning of the air dealing with frameworks of turbocharged diesel engines.By utilizing AIR COOLER CLEANER, airborne contaminants that have been conveyed into and stored on scrounger air trunks, air coolers and delta valves are evacuated. In this way, all surfaces are kept spotless and free of stores. AIR COOLER CLEANER can be connected by inundation, dissemination or infusion. For submersion and dissemination, cleaning time is decreased significantly by warming the synthetic to most extreme 50°C. On the off chance that the air coolers are extremely grimy it might be prudent to utilize undiluted item by methods for flow strategy to altogether clean the framework before beginning AIR COOLER CLEANER infusion treatment. The utilization of A.C.C. should be possible by the course, drenching and the infusion technique. Course is the strategy utilized when destroying of the air cooler isn't conceivable. In this cleaning method the air cooler is associated with a cushion tank with inflow and surge channeling, the A.C.C. is coursed through, amid a time of 4– 6 hours by utilization of a siphon. The arrangement might be warmed at a temperature up to 30°C with the goal that we facilitate the cleaning methodology and achieve better outcomes. This will altogether diminish the cleaning time, while enhancing the cleaning impact.

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