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Membrane ALKA Clean RXSOL ORG -10 ( Powder )

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RO Chemicals-33
High pH formultion that has been designed specifically to remove organics, silt and other particulate deposits from all polyamide, polysulfone and thin film composite membrane surfaces.
Product Description: 

RXSOL ORG 10 is a high pH formultion that has been designed specifically to remove organics, silt and other particulate deposits from all polyamide, polysulfone and thin film composite membrane surfaces.

RXSOL ORG 10 is a powdered buffered alkaline detergent developed , Especially for cleaning alkaline tolerant reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes.

Product Application: 

Inspect cleaning tank, hoses and cartridge filter. Install new filter elements.
Fill cleaning tank with RO solution then, Slowly add 25 grammes of ORG 10  for each litre of cleaning tank capacity. Thoroughly mix cleaning solution by using a mixer or by circulating it through the cleaning pump. The solution may be heated to improve cleaning effectiveness.
Do not exceed the membrane manufacturer’s temperature limits.
Circulate the solution through the membrane bank in the feed direction for one hour at the flow rate recommended by the membrane or system manufacturer. If the manufacturer’s recommendations are not available, the following guidelines may be used.

Maintains production capacity

Special formula maintains membrane flux rate 

Chelates and buffered alkalinity effectively remove fouling agents from alkaline 

Tolerant   RO and UF membranes



Dissolves freely to reduce labor and cleaning time, Easy to add balance formulation eliminates need for adding separate additives or boosters, Rinse quickly and completely to reduce cleaning time


ITS ADVANCE FORMULATION Makes Economical use cost and recommended use dilution, Chlorine free formulation helps assure compatibility with membrane to Extent membrane life. 

Product Procedure: 

Spiral wound membrane

Membrane diameter

Flow rate per tube (parallel flow)
l/min (US gallons/min)

4 23 (6)
6 53 (14)
8 91 (24)
10 114 (38)
12 204 (54)

 Hollow fibre membrane

Membrane diameter

Flow rate per element (parallel flow)
l/min (US gallons/min)

4 19 (6)
8 57 (24)
10 76 (38)


For normal CIP cleaning or soak cleaning RO and UF system completely , Pre dissolve in warm water before adding to system. Typically used Concentration is 0.7 to 1.5 % or 9-20 ounces of RXSOL ORG 10 per each 10 Gallon (67-150 grams/10 l) f water. Circulate throughout the system for 20 Minutes at a temperature of 120-160 degree F (49 – 71 degree C)


Observe the recommendation of the manufacturer of the membrane for  Maximum temperature.

Product Note: 

In cases of heavy fouling, the first return flow (up to 15% of the cleaning tank volume) should be diverted to drain to prevent redeposition of removed solids.
In multi-pass systems, best results will be achieved if each pass is cleaned separately.
The solution should be discarded if it becomes turbid or discoloured by removed material.
A fresh solution should then be prepared before cleaning additional passes.

Rinse with permeate before returning the system to service.

Product Technical Specification: 

This advanced, high s trength powder has the following features:

  • pH adjusted to 10+ 0.5
  • Highly effective at ambient temperatures
  • Contains no surfactants and is quickly rinsed away
  • Contains detergent builders, chelating agents and pH buffer

RXSOL ORG-10  is suitable for use with all polyamide, polysulfone and thin film, composite membranes. It can be used at temperatures from 15°C (60°F) up to the maximum recommended by the membrane manufacturer.

The standard dilution ratio is 25 grammes of ORG 10 per litre of water.


Form ………………..........powder    Alkalinity

Color……………………... white Active as  Na2O……………… 16.2%

Foam …………...……….. High                                 
Total as Na2O ………… 19.8 %

PH of 1% solution ……. 10 to 12

Product pack size: 
25 Kgs
Product alias: 
Floclean MC 11, Evatec, Genesol 703, Alkaline Membrane Cleaner (powder), Cleaner, Alkaline Membrane, Ref: 701ROC-004 Mkr: Advanced Watertek Industries LLC, Nalco pc-98, Dremachem HP, ULTRASIL 10