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Pesticides Malathion

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Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide.

Product Description: 

Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide. It was one of the earliest organophosphate insecticides developed. Malathion is suited for the control of sucking and chewing insects on fruits and vegetables, and is also used to control mosquitoes, flies, household insects, animal parasites (ectoparasites), and head and body lice. Malathion may also be found in formulations with many other pesticides. Malathion has been effectively used for mosquito control around the world for more than 60 years. As an organophosphate, it is in a different class of chemistry as opposed to all pyrethroid-class insecticides.

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Product Procedure: 


Pesticides Malathion 96 ULV is used undiluted in specially designed aircraft or ground equipment capable of applying ultra low volumes for control of the insects indicated.


For all ULV products used for agricultural crops (food and feed crops) and wild host plants in non-agricultural land, the following is required: For ULV Ground Applications: Limit the amount of active ingredient handled per day to 95 kg per person (approx. 70 ha at a rate of 1375 g a.i./ha, and 150 ha at a rate of 653 g a.i./ha). Wear cotton coveralls over long pants, long sleeved shirts, and chemical-resistant gloves during mixing/loading, application, clean-up and repair. For ULV Aerial Applications: Limit the amount of active ingredient handled per day to 1125 kg per person (approx. 820 ha at a rate of 1375 g a.i./ha, and 1700 ha at a rate of 653 g
Wear cotton coveralls over long pants, long sleeved shirts, and chemical-resistant gloves during mixing/loading, clean-up and repair. DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes. Field sprayer application: DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm. Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty

Aerial application:

DO NOT apply when wind speed is greater than 16 km/h at flying height at the site of application.

Product Note: 

Use Precautions

Apply only when meteorological conditions at the treatment site allow for complete and even crop coverage. Apply only under conditions of good practice specific to aerial application as outlined in the National Aerial Pesticide Application Manual, developed by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee on Pest Management and Pesticides.
Exercise special care: Use the correct equipment for the job. Use sufficient water for even distribution. Use low nozzle pressures (Below 300 kPa). Use appropriate buffer zones around sensitive areas such as water, urban and residential areas. Do not spray in winds exceeding 10-15 km per hour. Do not spray in dead calm near sensitive plants or when wind velocity and direction pose a risk of spray drift. A cloud of suspended droplets may drift onto sensitive plants when the wind comes up. Spray only when the wind is blowing away from a sensitive crop, shelter belt or garden.

Operator Precautions
Do not allow the pilot to mix chemicals to be loaded onto the aircraft. Loading of premixed chemicals with a closed system is permitted. It is desirable that the pilot have communication capabilities at each treatment site at the time of application. The field crew and the mixer/loaders must wear chemical resistant gloves, coveralls and goggles or face shield during mixing/loading, cleanup and repair. Follow the more stringent label precautions in cases where the operator precautions exceed the generic label recommendations on the existing ground boom label.

Product Technical Specification: 



Clear Amber liquid
Odour  Mercaptane Odor
Boiling Point   156-157°C
Specific Gravity  1. 32 at 25 oC
Flash Point  163°C
Vapour Pressure 
5.3 mPa (30°C)
Concentration < 98%
Malaoxon 0.10% Max
Isomalthion  0.40% Max
Acidity  0.20% Max as H2SO4
Chemical Family  Organophosphate
IUPAC Name  diethyl (diethoxythiophosphorylthio) succinate
CAS No  121-75-5
Empirical Formula  C10H19O6PS2
Molecular Weight  330.4


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<p> Diethyl(diethoxythiophosphorylthio)succinate, Malathion 96% ULV</p>
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