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Super Dilac Acidic Detergent

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Metal cleaning chemicals

Heavy Duty acidic detergent for Metal Tarnish Remover Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area also acts as rust proofing agent. It is non-flammable. Prevents further rusting.

Product Description: 

Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent cleans Metals surface. And useful product in maintenance and cleaning sector. In the food and Beverage industry, Metals Clean Britte is used as a rust remover. Largest seller and supplier of Super Dilac Acidic Detergent in INDIA Oman, GULF Middle East AND NAIROBI KENYA Africa.

Product Application: 

RXSOL Super Dilac is a low foaming, high active, non-fuming nitric / phosphoric acid detergent descaler for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the Food and Beverage industry. Also used as Rust Stain cleaner Metal Clean Britte

RXSOL-38-1011-025 ( Metals Clean Brittee ) can be used as a spot cleaner after cleaning fats and fatty acids, can be used on painted surface

A superior heavy duty and highly Concentrated liquid blend of surfactant & organic compound containing rust penetrating agent,   solubilizer  and inhibited phosphoric acid with ionic and non ionic emulsifier.

For polishing almost all metals, such as brass, copper, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium and even for machinery and golf clubs.

Product Procedure: 



specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass, Copper, S.S wood, ceramic and aluminium surfaces, painted or not. And act as surface brightner.

Procedure for Use :-

  • RXSOL-38-1011-025 is highly concentrate
  • Dilute in water (always use a plastic jar and RXSOL-38-1011-025 should be added to  water  never add water to (RXSOL-38-1011-025.)
  • The surface should be sound clean and free of oil, grease, dirt etc.
  • Diluted materials apply on the rusted area for 15 to 20 minutes then wash off with water repeat if necessary.
    (For stubborn rusted stains.)

For steel surfaces; remove oil, grease and old paint. Wet down entire surface with neat 
Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Bright- Rx and allow to dry. The second wash may be necessary. The surface should have a grey/white appearance when the Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Bright- Rx is dry. Steel surfaces will have a resistance to rust and will render a good base for paint.For removal of rust stains on painted surfaces and wood, Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Bright Rx should be applied at full concentration for heavy stains, or diluted to 20-50% for light stains. Allow to soak for 15 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. A second application may be necessary to remove the stubborn stains.

Spraying Direction:-
Using an empty/clean 210-litre drum, fill with 190 litres of fresh water and add 20 litres of 
Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Bright   This makes a 10% solution, which can be sprayed onto areas in coated tanks where rust stains are showing and over actual rusted areas.  Once spraying is completed, wait 20-30 minutes and fresh water rinses with lots of water if possible use Butterworth machines for a more efficient result.  This method can be used in stainless tanks to “freshen up” the look of the stainless materials.  Make sure to rinse the tank very well, as residual detergent within the Metal Clean Bright will show up in a Wall Wash.

Injection – Not suitable.

When hand spraying is inadequate (too much area to cover), prepare a 2% - 5% solution in the tank using fresh water, heat solution to 50o C, then circulate the solution through Butterworth machines for 3 x 45 minutes drops minimum.  When using fixed machine recirculate for a minimum of 3 cycles.  Rinse out the tank using hot seawater 85o C for 2 hours making sure that there is no form remaining in the water at the pump stack drain cock.  After the hot wash, the tank must be rinsed with fresh water and dried.

* If the mixture is allowed to overheat, it will soften epoxy/phenolic coating.
* Use a strainer at the pump stack when circulating any solution.

  Tank Lining Stainless / Epoxy, Phenolic

Product Note: 

Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass, Copper, S.S wood, ceramic and aluminium surfaces, painted or not. And act as surface brightner.

When cleaning aluminium, brass & copper flush with water upon completion of cleaning immediately
Warning : In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. Use chemical resistance PVC gloves for skin contact and also use face mask for eye and face protection.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this products.

Product Technical Specification: 


APPEARANCE Clear Yellowish liquid  
DENSITY g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.2  
pH  10% solution 1.5-2.5  Buffer Action of materials makes it different from other BRAND. 
METAL Suitable for M.S and S.S metal  
RUBBER No known effect  
PACKAGING Order No.  RXSOL-20-1011-210 Size (in litres)  25 , 35 , 210
Product pack size: 
250 Ml, 1 Ltr ,5, 10, 25, 35, 210 Ltr Chemical cleaning of rust is a wise decision, as this is not only cleaning rust but also chemically neutralizing rusted metal surface to restrict further rusting. Factory sale of Metal clean Britee helps to save up to 50 percent on market price. This is classified RUST & SCALE REMOVER, DETERGENT TYPE.
Product alias: 
<p> Scale Rust SCALE REMOVER DETERGENT TYPE, Super Dilac, Passivation for Steel</p>
How Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Britte Works?

Metals Clean Britte at the low pH end effectively dissolves rust faster even more readily than the diluted one. In marine shipping industry, Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal clean Britte is used as a rust remover. And For severely corroded and rusted surfaces and pickling of welding repairs, use 50% solution to neat. while For removal of rust stains on ceramic tiles, enamels, porcelain, glass etc., use a solution of 20-50%, depending on stains and soiling. Rinse off with water after 20-40 minutes.
Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metals Clean Britte also some times works as removal of light deposited cement stains and lime, apply a 50% solution, and high pressure wash after 30-40 minutes, and while if cement deposition are hard and more solidified then use our specialized product for cement removers RXSOL-22-2202-025.


  • Non-flammable.
  • Prevents further rusting.
  • Economical  , cost effective.
  • Surface brightening
  • Protects and maintains from corrosion
  • Acts as rust proofing agent before the application of paints or coatings.
  • It doesn’t  affect rubber and plastic compounds
  • removes corrosion of all metals
  • excellent cleaner to remove contamination of fats and salts Marine application for trains, busses, tank containers and ship tanks
  • odourless, so it can be used in enclosed space
  • suitable for manual cleaning as well as high- and low pressure systems

Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Britte is Cargo hold and Tank cleaning chemicals. Which is also useful products for Deck and maintenance cleaning and rust removing. 

Before application of Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Britte, we have to understand its cleaning principal...
In general terms and thumb rule for Metals Britte is MORE RUST required more Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metals Britte. Chemically Rust { iron oxide (FeO) } is soluble in pH values below 4.0, . Thus, the oxide (oxygen) dissolves as it is formed instead of depositing on the metal's surface. So it is clear more rust required more Metal clean Britte to get dissolve. In practical if the area is fully rusted corroded then direct Metal Clean Britte can be used to dissolve rust particles, while in light contaminated part Metals Clean Britte can be diluted in between 20 to 70% .
2nd factor is the time which is directly affecting the cleaning result. If base metal is aluminium then use Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metals Clean Britte concentration 10 to 30% for not more then 5 Minutes. For removal of rust stains on painted or iron surfaces, use 10-30%  of Metals Clean Britte soultion for 15-20 minutes. And for heavily rusted and corroded or soiled surfaces and tarnish on copper and brass, use a solution of 20-50%, for 15-40 minutes.
The 3rd important point always be noted, After cleaning of rust from Metals clean Britte all area should be fully rinsed and clean properly with fresh water. And for best long time result to keep rust free surface, Surface can be chemically neutralized with RXSOL-41-8896-025 ( dilution ration 1 Ltr RXSOL-41-8896-025 with 10 Ltr water ). The scientific reason behind that is  As With the Rust oxide gone with Metals Clean Britte, the metal surface is in direct contact with the acidic solution, and the corrosion reaction proceeds at a greater rate than it does at higher pH values. For increasing pH values greater than pH 10, the rusting rate seems to fall as pH is increased with help of RXSOL-41-8896-025.(

Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metals clean Britte supplier in Gandhidham ( Kandla, Mundra, Sikka ),  Mumbai ( Nhava Seva, JNPT, BPT, Navi Mumbai Maharastra ), Chennai ( Ennore, Tuticorin ), Vizag ( Visakhapatname, Gangavaram ), Kolkata - Haldia, Paradip. Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah - Middle East - UAE, Sohar Muscat Oman, Canada, Nairobi Kenya Africa

Why RXSOL Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metal Clean Britte?

Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent METAL Clean Britte effectively gives detergency as well as rust stain removing cleaning action immediately. Many local brands defining Metals Clean Britte as dilution of phosphoric acid to stand in the market and supply at a very cheaper price. Our continuous development and support of our R&D team enable us to produce a top-notch quality of Metals Clean Britte. Since 1995 we make our self to keep on top then another brand who is supplying Metals Clean Britte. Small drops of RXSOL Metals clean Bright chemically change rust causing elements in the inert atmosphere and RXSOL Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent METAL Clean bright emulsifying detergent property cleans surface effectively and most important things safely. As during our long span of working time we observed that unbranded metal clean bright rapidly damaging smoothness of surface, So before selection and uses of Metals Clean Britte from unknown sources think twice to save your precious metal surface. Principally before uses of any Acidic materials, its buffer action required. Strong ACID with Weak Base as well as a Weak ACID with a strong base. Buffer action of Super Dilac Acidic low foaming Detergent Metals Clean Britte only can gives protection towards the metal surface.

IMPA code of Metals Clean Britte : 551081


Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass, Copper, S.S, wood, ceramic and aluminium surfaces, painted or not. And act as surface brightner. Also acts as the rustproofing agent before the application of paint or coatings. It is non-flammable. Prevents further rusting.

Metals Britte is one of popular maintenance and cleaning chemicals in marine, shipping lines and oil field industries. You shouldn't use Acid like, vinegar, or HCl on rust to clean it because, although it initially dissolves the rust, it leaves the steel very active and prone to immediate re-rusting ("flash rusting"). What you want is Rust remover like Metals Clean Brittee and Rust Converter, which is phosphoric acid based detergent which has the capability of converting the dusty, flaky red rust to stable "black rust". In general Alkalis like lye also peoples are using which is good at dissolving oil and grease, but don't convert rust so metal starts immediate re-rusting.

Dont expose your precious metal parts to any chemicals, Many chemicals supplier only engaged to provide cheaper solution doesn't know chemistry of rust.  Rust Dissolving is chemicals process, Metals Britte is combination of Corrosion Inhibitor, Phosphoric acid, Proprietory blend of detergent and most important things Buffer mixture which is stands to protect metal against acid attack. 

We are not only sailing product in large scale, but also building strong relation with our users. Our daily study and knowledge in chemistry given us opportunity to develop and research many new products. We are bounded to provide best product to our customer. 

We have done lots of experiment to get "pH and rust" experiment graph,  As we knows the pH indicates whether there is an excess of H+ or OH- in the solution.  And step wise we can undersatnd as follows  :
1) pH 7.0 indicating balance of H+ or OH- . 
2) pH less than 7.0 there is an excess of H+, the lower the pH, the more H+. 
3)  pH over 7.0 there is an excess of OH-, the higher the pH, the higher the OH- concentration.
Usually, low pH solutions, with their excess of H+, will react with iron and dissolve it, whereas high pH solutions, with their excess of OH, do not react with iron. This is general chemistry behind rust cleaning chemicals.