Air Cooler Cleaner supplier in Taloja MIDC, Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai.

ACC9 is very effective to clean and dissolves oil,grease and carbon residues from machinery parts of air coolers, turbochargers and scavenging sysytem.  AIR COOLER CLEANER dissolves all types of oily greasy carbonaceous residues deposits which is working as a suitable media of FIRE to move from one place to others. And deposition of grease and other fouling materials also reduce heat transmission effect, its proper cleaning increase engine efficiency. And proper maintenance and chemical cleaning of cooling system save Downtime and also chemical cleaning maintain finishes of all metal surface as new parts, While manual scrubbing and cleaning spoil surface finishes. 

We provide customized packing as per our customer requirement. We have ready stock of material available at Mumbai, Surat, Kandla, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Kolkata. Our continous work in chemicals field help us to add strong emulsifying agents in Air Cooler Cleaner which acts as penetrating agent as well as cleaner to remove grease and mud part from air coolers and turbocharger. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us on Email :- 

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