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C SHINE Alkaline Coil Cleaner

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COIL Cleaner Alkaline
Alkaline-based ceaner with a strong foaming action designed to rapidly emulsify greasy soils and oxidation…thereby leaving coils dirt-free and shining. suitable product for cleaning air-cooled condensers, permanent filters and other finned heating and cooling coils.
Product Description: 

It is blend of alkaline-based detergents, surfactants formulated with a strong foaming action designed to rapidly emulsify greasy soils and oxidation…thereby leaving coils dirt-free and shining. C-SHINE is recommended for cleaning air-cooled condensers, permanent filters and other finned heating and cooling coils.

Product Application: 

In-service cleaning:-RXSOL-16-1668-025 is  passes through the air trunking upstream of the charge aircooler, followed by a clean water rinse.For cleaning of air coolers, it is necessary to use correctly  installed  dosing  and  injection system.

Typical Cleaning Method :-
Dilute 1-3 parts water and apply with alow pressure sprayer. Leave on coils for 3-7 minutes then flush with water until all foam is removed. If use don built up roofsetc., it is important to make sure all residual cleaner is washed off roof surface after application. If good housekeeping practices are not followed, roof deterioration is possible. If used indoors, strong fumes may cause irritation to sensitive individuals evacuate area if necessary.

For cleaning of Air cooler and Air side of  turbochargers, a  solution  of  5 - 25%  RXSOL-16-1668-025 in fresh  water is recommended. Inject the solution for 10-15minutes, then similar quantity of fresh water injected to rinse off emulsifieddeposits.

Product Procedure: 

Handspray Cleaning:-

By Handspray,apply concentrate RXSOL-16-1668-025 all over the cooler coils. for good emulsification & penetration. Allow the  RXSOL-16-1668-025 for a minimum of 1 hour,then use a light water pressure   to wash  off  the  loosened deposits. During process  always  keep drain valve  open. After satisfactory cleaning, and flushing through with fresh water, close air cooler drains. Note that during this process the engine must be stopped.

Soak method:-

Machine parts with stubborn carbon deposits to be cleaned is dipped into conc.Soln.of RXSOL-16-1668-025 then allow deposits tobe broken down and loosened before removal, then rinse .

Precaution ::--
Avoid skin / eye contact. Wear gloves and goggles when using. Use in well ventilated areas. Donot breathe vapours.

Product Note: 

Why RXSOL-16-1668-025 preferred by our CUSTOMER ?

⇔ Reduce air-conditioning cost  by allowing air-conditioning systems and units to run at maximum efficiency , Saves energy costs
⇔ A proper regular maintenance program including the use can substantially lengthen condenser life and save equipment replacement and downtime.
⇔ Cuts quickly through oily grime and Industrial air-borne impurities to restore condenser coils.
⇔ Due to its high penetration effect ,  Agitation or Scrubbing doesn't require
⇔ Simple spray on off operation to restores dirty condenser coils to peak efficiency


Formulated to remove oil,grease & carbon deposits from air coolers & scavenging system
Efficient and economical.
May be used for in-service cleaning.
Renders surfaces oil-repellent.
Maintains and stabilizes air cooler efficiency at maximum.
Saves time, maintenance costs and avoids risks of damage when dismantling.
Leaves no residue and has no harmful effect on engine.
Product in water solution is non-flammable, non-explosive and has no flash point.
Can be used for light carbon removal from machinery parts 

Product Technical Specification: 


APPEARANCE…..Clear Brownish Liquid
ODOR               …..Fresh
pH                     …..13.50

Other Grade of Coil Cleaner ::: 

Coil Brite Rx Yellow -  Part No.- RXSOL-16-1680-005  ---

Coil Cleaner - Part No.- RXSOL-41-8672-025 ---

Coil Cleaner ( Non Rinsing Type ) - Part No. - RXSOL-16-1697-025 ---

Condenser Coil Cleaner  - Part No.- RXSOL-50-5015-025 ---

Evaporator Coil Cleaner :::  Part No.- RXSOL-51-6004-025  ---

Coil Cleaner Free from ACID ::: Part No.- RXSOL-16-1082-025 ---

C-SHINE Alkaline coil cleaner ::: Part No- RXSOL-16-1668-025 ---

Product pack size: 
20 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 40 Kgs.
Product alias: 
<p> C-SHINE, C shine coil cleaner, Enviro Coil</p>

WHY C-SHINE coil required to clean AC Coil?
In general  deposition of  dirt grease restricts the airflow which results cooling effect, So its cleaning becomes necessory C Shine Coil Cleaner removes harmful deposits from the coil without harming the equipment and thus increasing its life as well as cooling effect. The usage of "C-Shine" is economical as it has a low cost.


C Shine is specially formulated to clean oil and grease, So it can be use for many surrounding cleaning and maintenance.


RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-Shine COIL Cleaner is an advanced air conditioning condenser coil cleaning solution. RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-Shine COIL Cleaner has been formulated to provide exceptional cleaning performance while ensuring the longevity and efficiency of A/C systems. We believe that our product aligns well with your commitment to offering high-quality solutions to your customers.its one of the best seller in middle eastern markets also having STOCK point in UAE - OMAN.
What is th Key features of RXSOL-16-1668-025 Coil Brite :
• Powerful Cleaning: RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-Shine COIL Cleaner effectively removes dirt, grime, and contaminants from A/C condenser coils, ensuring optimal performance.
• Environmentally Friendly: Our solution is eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible product development.
• Extended Lifespan: Regular use of RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-Shine COIL Cleaner contributes to the prolonged lifespan of A/C units, offering long-term benefits to end-users.
• Ease of Use: RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-Shine COIL Cleaner is designed for easy application, making it a convenient solution for maintenance professionals.

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C SHINE coil cleaner specialized to remove dirt deposits, oily and greasy deposition from Condenser and Cooling coils. C-shine is specialized cleaning Chemical for Air Conditioner  cleaning and Coil Cleaning.

C-Shine contains powerful selected alkaline additives with wetting agent and surfactant which helps to penetrates and remove dirt, grease and oil accumulation on evaporators and condenser coils quickly.

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