AIR COOLER CLEANER for Diesel Engine Air Cooler, Turbo Charger, Scavenging air systems.

Air Cooler Cleaner is formulated with powerful solvent emulsion cleaner to remove oil, grease, carbon residue from air coolers, turbochargers and scavenging systems. It has self foaming characteristics which is helpful for complete cleaning. It is used for carbon deposits cleaning of machinery parts. Air Cooler Cleaner has been developed for safe, fast and economicalin service cleaning of the air handling systems.  

RX Chemicals India Chemicals is a leading supplier of  Air Cooler Cleaner in Kandla, Gujarat, Ghandhidham, Chennai, Mumbai, Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Hadia, Paradip. We have ready stock of material available. For more details of product, please feel free to contact us on Email :- 

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