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Coil Cleaner Air Conditioning System

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Air Cooler Coil Cleaner
This is specially formulated for use as a coil cleaner and filter adhesive for cooling coils of the air- conditioning systems.
Product Description: 

RXSOL-16-1697-005 is a concentrated, high-foaming outdoor condenser coil cleaner and brightener. It effectively foams away stubborn,"baked on" lint, smoke film, insects, feathers, grass, leaves and other deposits from air cooledcondenser coils. The expanding foam pushes contamination out of the coil and is easily rinsed away with water. In addition to removing contaminants, the RXSOL COIL CLEANER formula effectively restores efficiency and reduces operating cost by removing hidden oxidation from the coil surfaces.

Product Application: 

RXSOL-16-1697-005 is a special formulation of solvents and acids specifically blended for use in cleaning and brightening outdoor aluminum finned air cooled condenser coils.

Produced and packaged in  our ISO 9001 registered facility.

Product Procedure: 


Deep cleaning of outdoor condenser coils to restore efficiency and increase performance of the system.


Because RXSOL-16-1697-005 is highly concentrated, it must be diluted prior to use. Dilution also improves penetration into the coil and increases product performance. Actual dilution ratios will vary according to the application. The following is intended as a general

  • Up to 8-10 parts water to 1 par tRXSOL COIL CLEANER for light cleaning and brightening, when expanding foam is not required.
  • 3-5 parts water to 1 part RXSOL COIL CLEANER for foaming action on difficult cleaning tasks.
  • 1-2 parts water to 1 part RXSOL COIL CLEANER for use as a high foaming,aluminum finned, air cooled condenser coil cleaner.Use the minimum concentration required to accomplish your task.

Note: Do not use RXSOL-16-1697-005 at concentrations greater than 1:1 (less than 1 part water to 1 part RXSOL-16-1697-005 ). Rinse the treated surfaces as well as the surrounding area thoroughly after use.


Low pressure, acid resistant tank sprayers are recommended.
Regardless of application method, avoid inhalation of mist or contact of liquid or mist with skin.


  •  When handling RXSOL-16-1697-005 or any other strong chemical, be sure to wear chemical imperviousgloves,apron and splash goggles.
  • Determine required dilution ratio for the specific application. It is recommended to start with a dilution ratio of 10:1 and increase concentration until the desired results are achieved.
  • As with mixing all acids, place the desired amount of water into the tank and then add RXSOL-16-1697-005.
  •   Turn off fans and allow hot coils to cool before applying.
  • Using plain water, wet both the condenser coil as well as the area surrounding the equipment. Wetting the coil with water aids in product penetration and performance.
  • Apply the properly diluted product to the coil surface. Whenever possible, apply solution from the outlet side of the coil. Allow product to remain on surface, normally 5-10 minutes. Do not allow product to dry on the coil. Note: In extreme cases, application may have to be repeated to achieve desired results.
  • If foaming does not occur, check for extreme grease buildup which will slow cleaning process. Foaming may not occur if coil is coated or painted.
  •   Rinse coils, tools and surrounding area thoroughly after completing the coil cleaning process
Product Note: 


This product is for professional use only.At full strength:
• It will cause burns to skin and eyes.
• Ingestion will cause severe and potentially fatal gastric distress.
• Vapors are harmful and may cause respiratory tract irritation.
• May be harmful to plants.
Refer to MSD sheet for further information. MSD sheets are available at your local wholesaler


RXSOL-16-1697-005 is available in 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers


  • Concentrated Alkaline Coil Cleaner.
  • Multi-Purpose Alkaline Cleaner.
  • Concentrated Evaporator Coil Cleaner
Product Technical Specification: 


Heavy foaming action.
Solvent-Acid blend (pH: <2.0).
Removes oxidation - Brightens aluminum.
Bright pink liquid.

Product pack size: 
5 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs. 25 Ltrs.
Product alias: 
<p> Aqua Coil, Air Cooler Coil Cleaner, Acti-Brite</p>

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